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5 Effective Physiotherapy Exercises for Managing Achilles Pain in Runners

5 Effective Physiotherapy Exercises for Managing Achilles Pain in RunnersDealing with Achilles pain can be a real challenge for runners, impacting their ability to stay active and actually enjoy running. To help runners manage and overcome this common issue,...

Knee Pain and Running

With the sun out and the new year starting, running season is well and truly underway. And it’s about this time of year as a physio I start to see an uptick in running injuries, with most of them involving the knee. So I thought I’d do a little piece on some of the...

What is the Perfect Posture?

What is the Perfect Posture?   We've all been there – scrolling through social media or seeking advice for that persistent back pain, and what do we stumble upon? The ever-repeated mantra of maintaining perfect posture to bid farewell to our aches and pains. But...

Lower Back Pain Physio: The Ultimate Guide

CHRONIC LOWER BACK PAIN: The Ultimate GuideChronic Lower Back Pain is one of the most common things I treat as a physio, but despite it's prevalence there is still so much misinformation out there (looking at you Dr. Google.....). This makes an already confusing...

Simple Physio Exercises

SIMPLE PHYSIOTHERAPY EXERCISESIt’s hard enough being in pain, let alone figuring out what exercises are going to be good or bad for you! This article is aimed at showing you a few simple exercises for each body part and give you an idea of how you can get stringer and...

Good Physio Near Me

Unlocking Your Full Potential: The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Good Physio Near ME!  Hi there, If you've landed here, chances are you're on a quest to find the perfect physiotherapist to guide you through your pain!. Look no further, for you've just stumbled upon...

Unlocking the Secrets to Shoulder-Friendly Bench Press

Unlocking the Secrets to Shoulder-Friendly Bench Press    Hey fitness fans. Ever felt the burn of shoulder pain while pushing through those bench presses at the gym? You're not alone. In fact, statistics show that a significant percentage of gym-goers...

Unraveling ITB Syndrome: Navigating the Maze of Knee Pain

Unraveling ITB Syndrome: Navigating the Maze of Knee Pain  Welcome, and if you’re reading this then you’re probably a sufferer of ITB pain or you’re just interested in the body and all it’s wonders! Either way, have a read and enjoy! Today, we journey through the...

Unveiling the Mystery: Adolescent Knee Pain Beyond Growing Pains

Unveiling the Mystery: Adolescent Knee Pain Beyond Growing PainsGreetings, (I'm guessing parents!!) Today, we embark on a journey into the perplexing realm of adolescent knee pain – a topic often brushed off as mere growing pains. Brace yourselves for a revelation,...

Sports Physiotherapy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Recovery

SPORTS PHYSIO: A STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO RECOVERY  In the world of sports, injuries are an unfortunate reality that athletes face. Whether it's a pulled muscle, a sprained ligament, or a more severe condition, these setbacks can be devastating. However, there is a...

Feel Good Physio Co. Reviews

Emily WEmily W
03:27 04 Jun 24
Calm and welcoming enviroment, James was more than helpful answering questions and providing a plan that meets my individual goals
Dora Soulemezis.Dora Soulemezis.
10:43 02 Jun 24
Very friendly and welcoming. Great communication and helped me reach my goals and get back into sports. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. 🙌🏻
Scott MartinScott Martin
09:54 18 May 24
James was great to deal with. His friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him and would return to him with any future injuries again.Thanks again James 👍
Luke EdwardsLuke Edwards
06:23 17 May 24
James has great communication. Been using him since i tore my ACL after being unsatisfied with another physio. I've improved dramatically since with the support from Feel Good Physio Co. If you are looking for a physio in mawson lakes then here is the place to go.
Jason OriaJason Oria
04:33 15 Apr 24
James was very good and easy to deal with. He communicates well and was immediately able determine goals and interventions to aid in my recovery from a meniscus tear. I felt a massive improvement within a short span of time and was able to get me back to playing sport safely. Highly recommend!
Matthew HowatsonMatthew Howatson
23:56 08 Apr 24
James and Nathan make this place feel like a second home. Very welcoming atmosphere. I bring a client here with a disability to see Nathan, and my client genuinely looks forward to coming to his weekly physio appointments. I'd even say that my client enjoys his physio appointments more than any other activity he does during the week! Great work guys.
Aaron SlatteryAaron Slattery
01:07 08 Apr 24
Absolutely love coming to this place! Nathan is exactly what I've needed for a long time!
Bri GBri G
09:14 18 Mar 24
Nathan is amazing! He has a genuine interest in your recovery and providing care that’s best suited for you, and in just two visits has worked wonders. 🙌
Jane KonatarJane Konatar
03:58 09 Mar 24
James is very welcoming. He listens to your concerns and give great advice. The exercises he gave me are easy to do. My knees and achilles are feeling a lot stronger.
promila dangipromila dangi
06:08 08 Mar 24
James is amazing. This was my second visit after two years as I hurt my back. He listens, understands and act accordingly.My back is back to normal.Excellent follow up skills. He also messaged me and checked the next day, which is very special and rare now a days.Thanks James.
Lauren TaylorLauren Taylor
05:12 29 Feb 24
James gave me confidence that I could safely go back to the gym, and managed to massage out the affected muscles such that I was finally able to sleep again! Very helpful
Tom CollsTom Colls
08:33 22 Feb 24
Honestly can't say enough good things about James.I'm a long term sufferer of facet joint syndrome among other spinal degenerative diseases and have been having a particularly rough last 6-8 weeks. Trips to the chiro had achieved nothing and I stumbled upon James on Google maps.in 2 sessions he's given me more relief than both my GP and Chiro could achieve in over a year. Both through in clinic manipulation and take home stretches and exercises.I will have to deduct one point though for being a Carlton supporter but nobody is perfect.Thankyou James, for changing my life!
Kaitlyn SekiKaitlyn Seki
03:02 15 Jan 24
James is a great physio - really knowledgeable and personable. I have seen him for sports injuries, and will be continuing to do so
Biar DengBiar Deng
12:02 03 Jan 24
James helped me with reoccurring groin injury. I highly recommend him for athletes! He’s very knowledgeable and well experienced with sports injuries.
Theodore GirgolasTheodore Girgolas
09:56 02 Jan 24
Allana BAllana B
05:23 02 Jan 24
My daughter loves to dance but unfortunately was suffering with a painful injury. James was very supportive and positive in helping her to continue through the busy season. He explains things very well and makes it easy to understand. Highly recommended
Michaela EdwardsMichaela Edwards
09:54 24 Dec 23
Booking was super easy and James provided a friendly and positive experience when assessing and treating my injury. James was very knowledgeable and explained everything from assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan clearly. Thanks James, appreciate it.
Liam McNairLiam McNair
00:35 01 Oct 23
James is a skilled, knowledgeable, adaptive, and friendly practitioner. He was able to assess my back pain quickly and provided an effective treatment plan that I was able to easily slot into my gym routine. Thanks again, James. I will be in touch for any issues in the future.
Ellen McCabeEllen McCabe
00:07 28 Sep 23
James has helped me significantly by diagnosing long term calf pain that other practitioners could not. James has helped to educate me about my injury, provided a plan to strengthen my legs and empowered me to keep running. Strength plans are loaded into a user friendly app for you to use at home or in the gym. He is also super friendly and welcoming. Highly recommend.
Madi FaithMadi Faith
08:01 07 Aug 23
James has been amazing! I’ve gone to many physios in the past and never got anywhere with my neck and hip pain. James explained what, why, and how for every issue I had and set up an achievable fitness plan to strengthen my weaker points.You don’t feel rushed out of the room after your appointments and feel like you actually have an opportunity to ask questions and feel heard. Amazing physio and have recommended him so many times and will continue too!100/10! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Feel Good Physio Co. is conveniently located in Mawson lakes/Greenfields (Depending on the map!).

The clinic is based upstairs within Crossfit TRG (big white building towards the end of a cul de sac)

Head in through the front door and continue through the building until you reach a set of stairs on your left. Head on up there and you’ll find me 🙂


I accept all health covers.

I do not have a preferred provider either


I love the saying that Cheetah’s don’t stretch before running, so why should we??

My point with this is that we can become reach an optimal level of physical health without things like stretching and gimmicky treatments. 

Just good, evidence based treatment!

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